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Thursday, May 14th, 2009 07:25 pm
Is it any wonder I'm a newborn Kirk/McCoy fan? I mean my favorite SG-1 slash paring is Cam/Dan *grins* Oh Gah! I so need the movie adaptation novel (slashier than the movie or so I've heard!). Daniel/Vala is still my #1 pairing in SG-1 ever BUT I have Cam/Dan as my #1 slash pairing (I don't like Jack/Daniel, there's too much of it and I gets on my nerves. Ditto for Jack/Sam and Daniel/Sam, whenever I see it)Maybe I'll swoop down to food city and wrangle up an Amazon gift certificate, seeing as I only have about half the price of the book remaining from the last time I used one. That's not even counting shipping. Oi!

Can't wait for CSI and CSI:NY tonight. I hope it's Stella that gets killed off. I'd hate it if it was anyone else but her (especially Danny or Lindsay). It isn't that I don't like her...it's just I'm less emotionally attached to her than I am the others. Especially as a storyline involving her just finished last night.

Also squirming in my chair to see A&D on Friday. The soundtrack has me all excited and goosebumpy for it.

Also I seem to be typing "Demons" as "Deomns" a lot lately like99.99999999% of the time. I have to really concentrate to get it right the first time.