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applejack: (Red Pink Rose)
Thursday, May 14th, 2009 07:25 pm
Is it any wonder I'm a newborn Kirk/McCoy fan? I mean my favorite SG-1 slash paring is Cam/Dan *grins* Oh Gah! I so need the movie adaptation novel (slashier than the movie or so I've heard!). Daniel/Vala is still my #1 pairing in SG-1 ever BUT I have Cam/Dan as my #1 slash pairing (I don't like Jack/Daniel, there's too much of it and I gets on my nerves. Ditto for Jack/Sam and Daniel/Sam, whenever I see it)Maybe I'll swoop down to food city and wrangle up an Amazon gift certificate, seeing as I only have about half the price of the book remaining from the last time I used one. That's not even counting shipping. Oi!

Can't wait for CSI and CSI:NY tonight. I hope it's Stella that gets killed off. I'd hate it if it was anyone else but her (especially Danny or Lindsay). It isn't that I don't like her...it's just I'm less emotionally attached to her than I am the others. Especially as a storyline involving her just finished last night.

Also squirming in my chair to see A&D on Friday. The soundtrack has me all excited and goosebumpy for it.

Also I seem to be typing "Demons" as "Deomns" a lot lately like99.99999999% of the time. I have to really concentrate to get it right the first time.
applejack: (Dusky Pink Rose)
Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 07:04 pm
Finished reading P&P&Z a while ago I loved it but I found myself wanting more want of Zombies and the slaying of zombies. After that I read "Me & Mr. Darcy" (Loved it despite the bad reviews) I feel this is something any (female) fan of Mr. Darcy should read if their searching for their own.

Also trying to read Twilight (again) but the writing is no bad that I find myself setting the book aside every few sentence. Definitely not enough to keep my attention in the long run, but I am trying at least. In the meantime as I'm trying to read the aforementioned horrible book, I find myself also trying to finish other books that I've started (or want to re-read) such as Angels & Demons, Darcy's Story, The Veiled Threat (An in between transformers movies novel or rather a prequel to the second), Patterns of the Force (the 3rd novel in the Coruscant Nights trilogy) and all the while I'm working my way through the Naboo Chronicles series on FFN. My God there's some purple prose there and WAY too much use of the word "angel" *gags*. Despite that though it's s decent story line for an AU (What if Anakin wasn't accepted for training and the Naboo has taken him in?) so I'd trudging my way through that.

Meanwhile I'm going to see Star trek Friday or Saturday, Friday if I can talk my Mother into it (I hate going to the movies by myself) But if not I'm thinking of taking in a show Friday Night with or without her. (Yes I want to see it that badly) Not to mention a week after that the A&D movie will be released and It seems movie season is here once again. Sure I did/do want to see the Wolverine Origin film (Yum! Gambit!) but I think I'll wait for the DVD to come out before I see that.

But for now. I was randomly surfing around, curious to see if there will be a new iPod Nano this year (despite the fact I've decided not to buy one if they do) I came across someone's clever mock up of a tablet iPod (which I call iTab or iPad) in which I've decided that if Apple ever makes one of these. I will buy that baby without hesitation (once I had the money for it)

Man, I can't stop drooling over it!